VLOG- Captured Summer

WootWootCan you hear the summer beat? 

Here is another video-blog babies. A VLOG that surely suit for this season. The Philippines have been invaded by the summer heat and where is the perfect get-away. . .Boracay baby.

Together with my friends, we conquer the white sand beaches of Boracay. We enjoyed every second of it....from the scenery to the immersion of native culture and foreign ones. We spend our days at the Paradise Garden Boracay where we experienced a very warm hospitality service.

Hope you enjoy watching this VLOG.



What Would It Be?

I was raised almost without you
All this time I loved you
Even if you're not here I feel you
In my heart and in my life I turn to you
You're in God's hand and sometimes makes me blue.

Your smile is still vivid in my mind
Those late nights that I will run towards you
When you return from worked then asked where I'm at
You got me a bag of sweet macaroons 
And all of my siblings get jealous.

It was a rainy night without the light
Everything is lost in the deep silence of the night
All I heard is a knocked on the door then a heartfelt fright
That was the night when everything fades alright 
And bring everyone crying and loose the tight.

From that day a part of me was lost
Mother and I stand along the happiest and rockiest path of life
I got bullies; I study hard; I am rewarded and strive more
Without you life is different; its like living in a strange world
I miss you.

What would it be if you were there...
At my birthdays when I get a year older
At my graduation when mother wore her proud smile
At my worst and best point when all is so emotional
I wonder what it feels to have a father.

What would it be if you were here...
Every day of my life reminding me how a man is
Every time when I get wounded and my heart bleeds
Every night before I go to sleep
I wonder what will you say to me.

What would it be if you were alive
Would you be a proud father of a boy like me?
Would you listen to my weird stories everyday?
Would you accept my individuality and my decisions? 
Would you fix my family tree and complete it for me?


Too Much. Still Vague. Fake Smile

Summer is right there on the corner
He is letting all of his worries cover
The only weapon he have is a soulful prayer
In the road full of insincerity and danger
All he see is a light in the manger
Yet he is still stuck on a melting dreams
Staying up all night and day on the seams
Making his way inside the ozone of the streams.

Its ending soon
Too soon to prepare myself to ride a balloon 
In this tug of war inside the lagoon
So idle, tangled, rattled and maroon
Life is unfair yet its never here too soon
He's getting vague responses under the sky
All of this circumstances around him questioning why oh why
Still making his way not making himself cry.

Its false hopes again
It feels like pouring rain and flowing pain
He understands everything but there's a wall to gain
Its a world wide wind and its making him insane
He wait there too long and his knees hurting at the lane
Too lame in the development
Its a mind over matter argument
Getting his room for improvement. 


Abnormal Heart

I am normal. . .am I?
I know I'm different and still in confusion
My heart is healed from destruction
Head over heels on your every motion
Letting all my feelings and emotion
Making all of these bizarre commotion
Yet I'm still lost in action.

My heart is normal. . .is it?
My heart is beating unusual than it used to be
I hope you notices me whenever the sun dive on the sea
My vision, the reasons and the story you foresee
That tells about me getting in to you baby
In a circulatory events of forbidden mystery.

All of you is normal. . .oh is it?
The first time I felt shivers deep inside my soul
Your stare made a furious blood rush in my all
The kindness you make bare all the truth about the fall
Yet you refused it and it is easily accepted call
I hope it will changed my hope to the great fall.

Us is normal. . .we are, isn't it?
We have a mutual diversion of world
Getting happiness in every veins we have
Our left and right atrium is full of mystic affection we can't explain
And the world outside us is killing us with their evil glares
Just because we are communal and they are prejudice.

I'm falling on a normal person. . .am I?
I guess this is so right at the wrong beginning
How can you and I drops on a happy ending
Where from the start its all business and suffering
I need you as a humancaring and sweet loving
I know this is unusual but I will keep it pumping. 


Untitled 19

I'm here, my life has its reasons
I knew it and I have to learn my lessons
Nineteen years of dreams and expectations
I always live with it and aim for position
Letting the hardship of a childish probation
The motherly unconditional love I felt in every season
Yet life has dealt its cards, tells me to create a motion.

can do this yet I really don't know how
I'm not alone in this curve but things now are tough
All the air I'm breathing seems so intoxicating and I can't get enough
Time is a predator on its wilderness and this road really gets so rough
And all I can do is sleepcry then fake a laugh
All of this melancholic material stuff
Makes me wonder if you or I will sustain to get-off my craft.

In life or love we fall but a little harder
Then you go and make it much harder
Uttering those promises of what I want or need and other
Comes with a spell of breaking them one by one and makes me weaker
False hopes again is like pouring like rain and sudden change the weather
Its not new to me yet my eyes now are full of water
Questioning there's nothing wrong writing hopes into permanent marker.

Its painted with kindness and splattered of dullness
Making all my wounds and untitled rhyme of sadness
Guarding myself at the forest of happiness
Wishing all I can is all what you want and gladness
I know I'll vigilant just like a warrior in the middle of the quietness 
Just a few steps more to free me from this restlessness
Enabling me fly like nobody do it.

 ‏♛  ‏ ‏