Too Much. Still Vague. Fake Smile

Summer is right there on the corner
He is letting all of his worries cover
The only weapon he have is a soulful prayer
In the road full of insincerity and danger
All he see is a light in the manger
Yet he is still stuck on a melting dreams
Staying up all night and day on the seams
Making his way inside the ozone of the streams.

Its ending soon
Too soon to prepare myself to ride a balloon 
In this tug of war inside the lagoon
So idle, tangled, rattled and maroon
Life is unfair yet its never here too soon
He's getting vague responses under the sky
All of this circumstances around him questioning why oh why
Still making his way not making himself cry.

Its false hopes again
It feels like pouring rain and flowing pain
He understands everything but there's a wall to gain
Its a world wide wind and its making him insane
He wait there too long and his knees hurting at the lane
Too lame in the development
Its a mind over matter argument
Getting his room for improvement. 


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